Alpha 3 Go-Da Igoda

4th March 2017

Since July last year the seedlings have been cared for by Igoda villagers in the tree nursery that Raleigh volunteers helped to create. Each of the seedlings that Raleigh volunteers transplanted from the seedling bed is now over 6 inches tall and ready for planting. We worked alongside the children and teachers of Igoda primary school and the Village Leaders to plant over 500 of the seedlings to help create a new forest on the school’s land.  With the help and enthusiasm of all, even with some heavy rain down falls, we got the job done efficiently within a couple of hours.  The seedlings now have the space they need to grow and thrive into trees.

Planting trees all together in Igodo
A real team effort to plant the trees

“The project has been very good since the day the venturers arrived last year up until this new group has returned today.  Right from the start the village and Raleigh volunteers have worked together well. The villagers have continued to care for the tree nursery by watering the seedlings and taking care of the project site.”

Village Executive Officer – Mr Gwido Mvinge

“Raleigh has had a big impact on this community. Our plan now is to expand the project and plant in different locations such as the primary school, secondary school, college and the local community.”

Village Chairman – Luka John Mgovano

We were very excited to be involved in this stage of a Raleigh and TFCG project. Due to the time it takes for seedlings to grow and be ready to be moved out of the nursery, we will not see this part of the process in Ihanu. Visiting Igoda has been inspiring because we can better visualise what the project in Ihanu will look like in the future. It was fantastic to see how the villagers have secured the sustainability of the project.

“Working with Raleigh in Igoda has had a significant impact on the village. In addition to the resources it provided, Raleigh volunteers helped to increase the villagers knowledge around reforestation issues, and increased local motivation to plant trees in a more effective way by following the tree nursery format. We would love the opportunity to continue to work with Raleigh in the future again on more projects such as tree nurseries, fish ponds, bee keeping, rocket stoves etc. This will not only help increase the understanding of conservation of the environment but also help the village and villagers move forward economically.”

Villager and Project Partner – Adam Mgovano

Adam (L) with the school children and villagers of Igodo
Project partner Adam Mgovano (L) with the school children and villagers of Igoda

Alpha 3 really enjoyed their day in Igoda. It was a very positive experience to see more of the local area and to meet another community who share Raleigh and TFCG’s enthusiasm and vision for NRM projects.

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