Alpha 3 – Life in Class 1 protected rainforest

16th July 2013

"Leave the beaten track behind occasionally and dive into the woods. Every time you do you will be certain to find something you have never seen before" - Alexander Graham Bell

Following a 4 hour bus jouney from Basecamp to Telupid, then 3 hours of off-roading through dense jungle; passing through elephant territory, porcupine areas and monkey habitats, this project sits deep inside class 1 protected rainforest and the tiring journey is worth it!

Ending our bus and car journies with an hour trek on foot up a steep 800m incline, along narrow paths and some slippery leechy paths we made it to Raleigh Camp.

ALPHA 3 has arrived at Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (ICCA) to begin our time of discovery and hard graft! 

Imbak is one of the few remaining areas of untouched and unexplored rainforest in the world.  The area covers a total of 30,000 hectares of primary jungle and is absolutely beautiful. WOW!

"Never lose the opportunity to see anythng that is beautiful" Ralph Waldo Emerson

Alpha 3 are working closely with the ICCA Rangers to construct a  suspension bridge to span Imbak River which will link the BBC and Bukit Beruang trails. Yayasan Sabah and the ICCA Rangers are very keen to improve access to the limited trail network to make further studies of the flora and fauna there.

There are potentially new species to be discovered and important research could lead to medical progress.

The team have quickly settled into jungle life and made their camp comfortable. Homemade pizza and doughnuts baked in the camp's army ovens have even been on the menu for special occasions! 

When Alpha 3 are not rustling up culinary delights in their camp kitchen, you will find the team working the winch to hoist the posts for the suspension bridge into place. It's a huge team effort to dig, pull and winch Iron Wood timber posts into the exact position needed. 

Click here to see Alpha 3 hard at work...

...and here...

Imbak Falls is just a short walk from camp and serves as the most amazing power shower after a physical day's work shifting timber, improving trails and hauling materials with the rangers, who work fulltime on the bridge. 

The rangers are born in the rainforest, grow up, trained up from very young and know the jungle better than anyone, so the team are in safe hands. They are learning a huge amount from the rangers, particularly stories about the tribes, the history and the folklore.

We are looking forward to see Alpha 3 when they are back at changover. 

BOR 13E IB E Imbak 5 1