Alpha 9 – Gravity Water System Repair at Kampung Bulud Batu

29th June 2013

PMs Sophie and Leonora have met with project Partners PACOS who help identify the communities that need Raleigh's support the most. Coca-Cola, who aim to become water neutral by 2020 sponsor the project.

PACOS is a charity that aims to:

1.    Ensure indigenous communities have their customary land (NCR) and the right to use resources in other areas
2.    Strengthen indigenous knowledge systems in the management of natural resources
3.    Strengthen positive values, culture, language, and belief systems of indigenous peoples

This project is based in kampung Bulud Batu where we’ll be repairing their gravity fed water system. This project was started by a previous Raleigh expedition and we’re going in to make sure the whole village has access to running water for drinking and washing.

This project is important for two main reasons:

1) All villagers will be in close proximity to running water which means they don’t have to trek long distances each day to access clean water and this will in turn allow them adequate time to farm their land.

2) Infrastructure, like a gravity fed water system, give the villagers more of chance to fight to keep their land.The head of Bulud Batu, Aunty Rodiha, has been campaigning to ensure Native Customary Rights (NCR) are established for years. As with many kampungs in Sabah, Bulud Batu is not officially recognized and the villages could be moved off their land at any time.

We are preparing ourselves for a once in a lifetime, truly tremendous and most importantly utterly humbling experience!