Alumni in Action: Giulia’s Gourmet Get-Together

23rd October 2013

After volunteering in Borneo as part of Expedition 12A, Dutch alumnus Giulia Hetzenauer with the help of friends, organised a series of fundraising dinners for Raleigh Borneo which will fund a kindergarten project in Spring 2014.

Why did you want to fundraise for Raleigh?

My time on Raleigh with Expedition 12A had a great impact on me, especially whilst building the kindergarten in Kampung Mandurian Laut, which had been funded by Raleigh alumni. Hearing Mac (Borneo’s Country Director) talk with such passion about their efforts was incredibly inspiring, and I remember thinking how fundraising for Raleigh was something I wanted to do, and would hopefully inspire the next set of alumni in turn.

I didn’t have to wait long. Following my Raleigh expedition I enrolled at The New School in Amsterdam on a Marketing-Communication course, one of our assignments in our Project Management class being to organise a charity fundraising event. For me there was only charity given the incredible experience I’d had – Raleigh International.


How did you come up with the idea of the dinners?

We were in a slightly odd situation in that we had to operate within the confines of the project briefing, which meant that we were allowed no expenditure. We therefore needed to reach out within our own networks for support, which in my case came from Jumbo, a supermarket chain, and Rituals, a cosmetic company. The headache therefore was what could we do to combine the two, the solution being dinner parties – Jumbo providing the food (cooked by the talented trio of Elian Bos, her mother Anja, and Anja’s best friend Gerrrie!), and Rituals generously supplying goodie bags for the guests to provide mementos from the evening. In the end it was a huge success and we raised £5598 which will be used to build a kindergarten next spring!

Why would you want people to stay involved with Raleigh?

Having been on Raleigh you’ve experienced first-hand those communities living in poverty, and can speak from a personal point of view about what Raleigh does and stands for, and what we can do to build a better future. The way I see it is that we need a shelter for a better world - that shelter is made of walls, and those walls are built of stones, and every stone we can each put in that wall is one step closer to a better world.


A big thanks to Eliane Bos, Anja Bos, Gery van Willegen, Joke-jiers Botma and Stephanie Freitag for their hard work

Thanks also to Jumbo Supermarkets and Rituals Cosmetics for their support of these events

Giulia’s community phase was in Kampung Mandurian Laut in the Pitas district of Sabah, Borneo and was funded by UK alumni undertaking the 3 peaks challenge. You can check out the video here