An Alpha update, 10th July

10th July 2013

With just over a week to go now until the end of phase one, each of the Alphas is making fantastic progress out at their project sites.

We've caught up on the latest news from each group during the last few days' situation reports, which are their daily calls into Fieldbase. Aside from requests for sports highlights and extra hot chocolate powder, here are the main headlines...

  • Alpha 1 - Covered a lot of trekking ground already. Have spent the last few days helping to herd cattle, teaching English at a primary school and resting at a waterfall. Now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the safari (a small Fieldbase team bringing post, blog comments and the shop!)
  • Alpha 2 - Celebrated Jared's birthday on the day after deployment. Currently based at hot springs camp, resting after a long day's trekking yesterday. Eagerly awaiting the safari the day after tomorrow
  • Alpha 3 - Ploughing on with more and more trail-clearing (see this post for details!). Planning a sports day with the community this weekend. Had a brilliant time celebrating Niall's birthday last week
  • Alpha 4 - Survived an epic four day journey across to Katavi. Now busily blitzing the rocket stove rollout in Tipindo and Nyambwe villages. Also met with local school to explore teaching opportunities
  • Alpha 5 - Progressing with rocket stove rollout in Matipwili (see this post for details!). Also helped with teaching at village resource centre. Spent day with project partner building rocket stoves and learning more about local area. Enjoyed celebrating Amber's birthday and Tom's exam results

Erin and I are heading out of Fieldbase again tomorrow to join the trekkers (Alphas 1 and 2) for a few days, so we'll post a longer update from them once we're back.

We'll be catching up with Alpha 4 - who are unfortunately a little too far away for us to visit - at Changeover next week, and we promise to post up a more detailed blog about their experiences then!

In the meantime, this is zero, listening out..............