An Alpha update, 16th August

16th August 2013

Our Alphas have had another productive week, getting stuck in with their final phase activities!

This morning, as well as providing their usual progress updates into Fieldbase, I asked each group to sum up their phase 3 experience so far in the form of a Tweet.

(For those who aren't familiar with Tweets, they're short, snappy updates of fewer than 160 characters and usually include a hash tag... On that note, please feel free to follow us on Twitter @RaleighTanzania! #shamelessplug)

Here’s what they’ve been up to -  

As expected, Alpha 1 have completed some challenging days of trekking and taken in some stunning sights along the way. In addition to the highlights included in their tweet below, they’ve particularly enjoyed the trek sunrises and sunsets (you just can’t beat them!), the incredible views from the hilltops and the wind whistling in the trees. It sounds challenging and blissful in - almost - equal measure!

tweetWe're Alpha 1, now known as the Moja (One) Family! We've been headbutted by cows, eaten by fishes and seen chameleons making love... #peel

Alpha 2 is a new Alpha made up of PMs Bob and Alex and trekking guide Anderson. They will be spending the next fortnight further exploring Iringa and the surrounding areas in order to find new trekking routes for the next Expedition.

tweetAlex, Anderson and Bob are meeting to begin Alpha 2 Phase 3. What route will we come up with for the next expedition? Which of you will we bump into? How far will we walk in one day? You will soon find out! #BAA

Alpha 3 are mixing things up! They’re making great progress on clearing the trail and planting trees to provide a sustainable source of wood for timber and food for the local community, both activities building upon the work completed during Phases 1 and 2. In addition to this, they’ve built a rocket stove at a local school and met with a women’s group to learn how to make eco-friendly briquettes.

tweetAlpha 3 are enjoying the hard work hoeing the land and are amazed by all the animals we see on the trail #YoLo #mikeforever

Things are looking varied for Alpha 4, too. They’ve made great progress at the worksite finishing off painting, cementing the toilet block and planting flowers – lots of the final touches to prepare the sanitation centre for launch. They’ve also visited local schools to run further education sessions (hence the ‘song’ below - thanks, Rory and Dan!)… and, sadly, they lost 2-0 in a football match against the locals yesterday. It’s still all to play for, though, with further matches planned!

tweet"Please don't poop in the woods, and always be sure to clean up your goods" #alwayswashyourhands

Alpha 5 have settled nicely into their new home in the village of Gongo, in Kisampa. They started the week with a presentation to the Village Chief and thirty villagers. Since then, they’ve had forty households sign up for a rocket stove, and already rolled out twenty-seven of them. Yesterday, they were invited to a Women’s Group meeting (you’ll remember from this post that this is a crucial step to a successful rollout!) where they were made to feel extremely welcome with a song and a lively discussion.

tweetOn Raleigh you are never clean, just less dirty. Embrace the dung! #characterbuilding