An introduction to our Host Country Programme

19th September 2013

This week we’ve been joined in the office by Christian Emanuell who is our Host Country Venturer (HCV) Coordinator here in Borneo. Our host country programme encourages young people from Sabah to get involved in our expeditions.

Christian was a HCV in Borneo in 2010 and a year ago was offered a job with Raleigh to support and recruit future host country venturers across Malaysia. At the beginning of this year Christian travelled to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpar for some training himself on how best to run an introduction weekend.

Raising awareness across Sabah and encouraging young people to get involved in the development and future sustainability of their country is a key aim for Raleigh’s host country programmes. In inspiring the younger generation there is hope for future sustainable development.

HCVs v2

So what does the introduction weekend involve?

I spent the afternoon with Christian to find out what the weekend was like...

Over the weekend of the 6th-8th September a team of 7 alumni Host Country Venturers, including Christian, ran an extremely successful introduction weekend. With 25 potential venturers, all 17-24 years of age, Christian and his team showed the group what life on a Raleigh expedition is really like. Spending the weekend at Basecamp, they were split into three groups, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, and undertook a number of activities including a race to set up an army camp, an evening jungle trek and a night time cooking competition - the young people of Sabah were certainly put through their paces! 17 of the participants were from SMK Tandek, Kota Marudu, a local school and the other participants came from the surrounding districts of Sabah. After 2 months of hard work and planning Christian and the team have received three applications to join us here on Borneo 13K and hope to have more interested in joining an expedition in the future.

HCVs low res

Host country venturers receive support from one of our partners, the Ministry of Youth & Sport, to join and help is given by Raleigh for preparation before the expedition.

We really look forward to meeting and getting to know the HCV’s for Borneo 13K.

Kat Townsend
Communications Officer