An update from Kampung Tiku

24th February 2015

Blog 9 Tiku house 640x427

It has been just over a week since our teams departed Raleigh Borneo's basecamp and headed out to their project sites. I have spent the last nine days in Danum Valley which will be featuring in greater depth on the blog shortly, however here is an update from Kampung Tiku (Alpha 1).

The Kampung Tiku team have been working hard to prepare the site for the community learning centre build. They have spent a lot of time levelling ground for the foundations of the building as well as getting to know their surroundings.  Here are some photos of the team and the beautiful village of Tiku.

Blog 9 Tiku house 640x427

[View looking towards the team's accommodation and the worksite]

Blog 9 Tiku worksite levelling 640x427

[The group continue to clear the site and level it ready for the community learning centre build]

Blog 9 team on worksite 640x427

[Team Tiku hard at work on the site]

The group attended church on Sunday and have also done some rice harvesting.  Lottie and Olivia started the group's community mapping to establish what assets and strengths are currently available in the village.

Blog 9 Tiku physical map 640x427

[Community map of Kampung Tiku]

The mapping exercise aims to understand the community better and therefore what elements of Raleigh's work best meets the community's needs. It will provide vital information which Raleigh will use when planning for potential future projects in Kampung Tiku and also when assessing the effectiveness of the project over a period of time.

Blog 9 Harry worksite 591x640

 [Harry working to level the ground]

Blog 9 Simon LG 640x427

[Simon checking the ground is level]

Blog 9 group at house 640x427

 [The team taking a well-deserved rest at the community hall]


Blog 9 Tiku from hill 640x480

[The view of Kampung Tiku from the road into the village]

Next on the blog is an update from one of our venturers in Danum Valley as well as a more in-depth look at the work going on in the Danum Conservation Area. I will also post updates from all the other groups and will then be spending five days with the team in Kampung Tiku, so look out for another blog from Tiku next week.