Another great week

3rd March 2017

We planned for an informal interview process to find some budding entrepreneurs, and placed posters around the village, as well as spread the news by word of mouth. (Word goes around quickly in the village, like REALLY quickly). In these interviews, we were primarily looking for motivated youth who were interested in business. The selected will then get further training with Raleigh’s project partners.

In other news, we have discovered a new way to entertain ourselves by making Nepali snacks in our leisure time. The UK volunteers have experienced a new kind of snacks called “chatpate” which was loved by everyone. In turn, the UK volunteers wanted to celebrate pancake day with the Nepalis. It was amazing!

UK team leader Misbah makes pancake

We are also now renowned in the village for our dancing.  We have been given the inventive title “Good Dancers” by the locals. This week was a birthday of a young girl in the community where we got together with all the young girls and learnt to dance in “Salaijo” (Nepali Cultural Song) and in turn we taught them the “Macarena”. We are loved and cared by everyone in the village because of our frequent “Namaste” and “Dhanyabaad.”  Though it must be noted the UK volunteers have been improving their vocabulary at an incredible rate. All in all, another great week in Kaudi.

Written by November Charlie 4

Youth Economic Empowerment Nepal