Before the placement…

29th January 2017

During their PPV, the team leaders will familiarize themselves with the community, host homes, project partners, and the local people. Throughout their stay in the communities, the team leaders will be busy in rapport building with the host homes and the community, along with conducting host home risk assessments, assessing appropriate evacuation site in case of emergencies, meeting project partners, and signing agreement forms with the host homes.

The team leaders of Group one, or G1, will be visiting the communities of Gorkha, where they will be focused on carrying out livelihoods programmes. G1 will consist of four different November Charlie (NC) teams, and will be led by team leaders Saroj and Sophia, Bikesh and Jasper, Roshni and Lucinda, and Bindu, Misbah, and Emily in  different communities of Gorkha.

Group two, or G2, will consist of 5 different November Charlie teams and will mainly be carrying out Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) programmes in different rural communities of Makwanpur which will be led by Muna and Ella, Sonam and Sara, Bidhan and Lauren, and Bibek, David, and Eleanor.

Clock wise from upper left- Ella and Muna, Sara and Sonam, Bibek, David, and Eleanor, Lauren and Bidhan

Sudeep and Fred will also be placed in  Makwanpur, however, unlike rest of the Group 1, they will be leading the volunteers to carry out livelihoods programme instead of WASH.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Youth In Civil Society Nepal