Our biggest challenge yet: Going home

6th May 2016

We have held awareness raising sessions in;

  1. Gender equality that led to the establishment of Kiteni’s Women’s Group that is now finally on the cusp of being officially being registered at the VDC.
  2. Water, where we promoted behavior change in water hygiene, storage, wastage, hand hygiene on World Water Day.
  3. Littering, where we cleared up rubbish that had been thrown into the hedges and onto the road and also explained to the children why one shouldn’t throw litter onto the ground.
  4. Recycling and reusing where we held an arts and crafts lesson with the school children.
  5. Health on World Health Day which inspired the establishment of Kiteni’s Health group and the election of Kiteni’s health volunteer
  6. Menstrual hygiene where we discussed and compared personal hygiene, pain management, products used, their disposal and their subsequent environmental impact which proved to be an essential cultural exchange session.

In addition to awareness raising sessions, we demolished, repiped and rebuilt a toilet that had been damaged during last year’s earthquake, fixed and recemented a 2000L water reservoir, completed Participatory Rural Apprasial Questionaires for all but 2 houses in the community and analysed the data, we also visited all of Kiteni’s water sources and reservoirs and inspected all of the piplines. Additionally we investigated an alternative water source in a neighbouring village and painted a WASH related murial on the community centre wall.

Dave and Sabita

On top of all of our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene work, as a group we found it highly important to interact and to be as part of the community as we physically could. So to gain the confidence and trust with the children we taught 11 English lessons and hosted 2 sports days and had several movie nights. With the adults we also taught English lessons, helped to plough and cook and invited them to attend a riverside picnic. To all of our delight, as the cycle progressed we have developed incredibly strong friendships with the children who shout out all of out names and greet us with huge grins and for the adults we where invited to 2 weddings, one of which we attended and asked to name a new born baby who we called ‘Navyata’ and attended her naming ceremony. We have also celebrated various festivals with the community, one of which they covered us with water and coloured powder!

Molly and baby Navyata

The friendships and trust we have formed during out 3 month stay and the memories we have created is the reason why leaving the village and returning home will be our biggest challenge, We have created lifelong friendships with both the community and with each other and the bonds we have created especially with our host families is our biggest reward, and the reason why closing this final chapter will be so so difficult. But we are all so proud of our ever growing achievement and our dedication and enthusiasm to the project. We will leave feeling incredible and wish the next cycle the very best luck and can not wait to follow their progress on their future blogs.

Ed and Sabita

“The journey has been absolutely life changing” Alpha

“The amazing people I have met and lived with have inspired me to want to do so much more with my life” Molly

“Going on this project has been one of the best decisions of my life, my experience here in Nepal has been simply incredible” Dhanisha

“The friends I have met, and memories I have made, on this unforgettable journey will stay with me for the rest of my life, ensuring I aspire to improve and develop our world in whatever way I can” David

Top left: Dave, Sally, Katie, Pam, Alpha, Resika, Chandan Bottom Left; Molly, Dhanisha, Bikesh, Alex and Ed

Written by UK Volunteer Molly Lynn – Manuel

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Youth In Civil Society Nepal