Blog 2- Oscar 4

27th March 2015


After the successful first two weeks of Action Research, we have finally completed this phase of the project – finishing the household surveys and selecting the three houses which will receive our three lovely Raleigh funded toilets!

Imi and Kakhashan got off to a promising start with the awareness raising part of the project. One big problem we have noticed throughout the village is the amount of litter piled on the side of the streets. A big cleanup was organised to help clear the streets of rubbish. Aside from problems with where the waste was dumped once it had been collected, the villagers were impressed with the results. Another part of raising awareness has been encouraging people to build tippy taps. We’ve held several tippy tap demonstrations throughout the village and at the school, which have detailed the benefits of washing your hands and using soap. We’ve been delighted with the results and so far 30 tippy taps have popped up around the village.


We’ve started doing comedy skits to raise awareness about how diseases are spread. After Oscar 4 worthy performances, especially from Nathan and Bradley to the school children, we’ve planned a skit on open defecation to adults in the village.     

In the coming week they have organised two community action mornings to co-inside with the festival being held in Budubalu. The mornings will focus on cleanliness and waste management. One of the villagers has kindly offered the front of his house to use as a stall and the kids are really keen to help us on the tippy tap stall.


Youth involvement is going strong. Strong like the arms of a professional wrestler or strong like Budubalus spirit. Either way it’s gaining speed at a rate none of us would have imagined. Sports day has become an integral part of the community’s weekly activities.

IO-3 also visited the gram panchayat and the talluk panchayat this week to put an application forward for the installment of waste bins within the village and for regular removal of the waste. We are waiting to hear back, hopefully we get an answer soon as.

With love from all of Oscar 4, namaskara.