Blog by expedition 17O volunteer Emma Keeling: Raising awareness of environmental issues among students in rural Gorkha.

13th December 2017

Namaste! We have just returned from visiting our local school here in Gairi Gaun. In going to the school our goal was to further students’ education in years six and seven with regards environmental issues in a way that would keep them both engaged and would be relevant to their everyday lives. Keeping that in mind, we decided to focus on litter, water usage, and rubbish disposal. Our group wanted to structure the lesson so that the kids could listen to a few presentations and then apply their new knowledge to an activity. We touched on points such as why litter is harmful for the environment, their livestock, and the waterstream. We discussed ways they can conserve water at home, talking about where their water comes from and goes to; educating on the categorisation of what can be burnt, reused, and recycled. After the presentations the school children were anxious to dive into the activity we had planned. We split the children up into groups and they had ten minutes to pick up litter around their school. The more bags of litter their team collected the more chances they got to shoot on the soccer goal. In the end, they collected ten bags of rubbish to be burnt and bottles and cans for recycling. The winners of game got Twinkles (think of a Nepali version of a Kit Kat) that turned out to be a real fan favourite. As volunteers it was both a challenging and rewarding experience to plan, rehearse and successfully execute the lesson at the school. We topped off the experience with Nepali doughnuts afterwards from our local shop before returning to building our handwashing stations. Emma is in group NE3. Today NE3 are holding an awareness session in which they will open the final (16th!) handwashing station. They will be encouraging the children to follow the seven steps of handwashing and use the new facilities they have built in the community. The rest of the day will be spent meeting with community members for  final farewell before the group join NE1 & NE2 in the training base tomorrow for endex (end of expedition). Look out for updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  

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