5 ways to turn Black Friday green

26th November 2019

The way we consume can have a massive impact on the planet. Overconsumption contributes to the growing climate crisis, loss of habitat and plastic waste in our oceans, so it’s important to think about the choices we make when we shop. So if you are taking to the shops this Black Friday, this is what you can do to shop more environmentally friendly.

1.  Avoid the high street and keep it local

When you shop at local independent stores you are more likely to buy locally produced goods with a much smaller carbon footprint. Local products often require less plastic packaging, food goods tend to be fresher and items are generally cheaper. So by shopping local you get many benefits while adding value to your own community and protecting the environment!

2.  Plan ahead for efficient deliveries which reduce emissions

If you are shopping online, plan ahead and make your orders all at once so you will receive everything in fewer shipments. Multiple deliveries increases emissions, so make sure that you can take your delivery first time by getting deliveries to your work address or using postal lockers in your local area. Some companies even offer incentives if you choose a quieter delivery time!

3.  Offset your shopping with donations to environmental projects

Everything you buy will have a carbon footprint, big or small. But make sure that you offset any negative impact of what you are buying by donating to good causes at the same time. Through EasyFundraising and Amazon Smile you can donate while you shop at no extra cost to you. Find out how to donate to Raleigh International when you shop.

4.  Buy experiences, not things

At the root of over consumption are highly manufactured material goods which harm our natural world. So if you are buying gifts this year, why not seek out bargains on memberships (for gyms or museums) or classes (language, art, cookery) instead. They are much less likely to clog up the oceans and may be educational!

5.  Take part in the Climate Strike

This Black Friday thousands of young people will be standing up against over-consumption at Climate Strikes across the country. So consider avoiding the shops altogether and share your voice on the climate emergency. It may have a bigger and more positive impact on the world we live in. Find out more about Climate Strikes near you.

Stand up for the planet this Black Friday

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