‘50 Million Trees for 50 Million People’: Tanzania alumni plant the seeds for a sustainable future

15th May 2017

Raleigh Tanzania alumni are making an impact across the country through their ‘50 Million Trees for 50 Million People’ campaign, as part of the Youth for Green Growth project. By partnering with local communities, NGOs and the Tanzanian government, this amazing campaign hopes to inspire every Tanzanian to tackle deforestation by planting 50 million trees by 2020.

Despite its world-renowned reputation for wildlife, Tanzania is one of Africa’s most affected countries when it comes to loss of biodiversity. Thousands of hectares of forests are cleared every year in Tanzania for charcoal, firewood and lumber, without a clear plan for reforestation. But Raleigh Tanzania alumni want to change this.

Since the launch of the campaign in December 2016, the Raleigh Tanzania society has already planted more than 30,000 trees across the country, in regions such as Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Morogoro, Dodoma, Mwanza and Mbeya. An additional 10,000 trees have been planted by Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism, a social enterprise founded by Raleigh alumnus Daniel Maembe, which has distributed trees to six communities surrounding Rau Forest Reserve.

The campaign has also helped to set up more than 50 awareness raising events around schools and communities in Tanzania, providing education on environmentally damaging practices.

In March 2017, the campaign was the focal point of the Raleigh-organised Youth for Green Growth Conference in Dodoma. The conference was attended by representatives from the Tanzanian government who are supporting the society to create a more sustainable future.

Mr. Halifa Msangi, who represented the Minister of State, Union and Environment in the event, said:

“Nationally we have seen the potential in working with children and youth to impart the spirit of environmental protection. That’s why every child must now plant a tree which he/she will grow up with in every school, and every home in Tanzania, according to a new government plan. If this succeeds, we will have tackled deforestation by a large percent”.

“We thank Raleigh Tanzania for organising this event to remind us of the importance of adopting green growth and protect our environment.”

The Raleigh Tanzania Society will continue to work in partnership with the Tanzanian government to make an impact across Tanzania, with the conference highlighting the campaign’s potential to make real, tangible change in their country.

The success of the Raleigh Tanzania Society shows the true power and influence of Raleigh’s young people. Together they have planted seeds of hope which will help achieve the Global Goals and build a sustainable world for future generations in Tanzania.

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