Alpha 10 – Biodiversity Study in the Pitas district of Sabah

29th June 2013

PMs Pip and Mike are working with the Asian Forestry Company (AFC) on a Conservation and Bio-diversity project. They will be working with Wilva who is an environmental scientist and lead for AFC on the survey, and Walter her assistant who is doing well learning English and fab at climbing trees.

AFC manages 60,000 hectares (15x15miles) of forest around Pitas in northern Sabah on a sustainable basis. Approximately 35% of the area has been identified and protected for conservation purposes. The area we will be working in is called Coupe 1.

 The project work will concentrate on 2 main areas:

1.    Continue the Biodiversity Research project started this year identifying the wildlife that occupy the surrounding area. We will be working alongside guides and representatives from AFC to photograph and log small mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians .The information we collect will go towards protecting the Coupe where we will be living and further support the important conservation work that AFC carry out. We will be living in the rainforest in a camp built from materials salvaged from our surroundings.

2.    Installing a gravity fed water system to supply the new research facility that is currently under construction. This will require moving large coils of piping up the stream in camp to a high enough point to generate the pressure needed – in a very leech heavy environment!

We are looking forward to early morning treks to see the local gibbon population 

The camp itself is already partly set up thanks to the previous projects, but needs updating due to the ever constant rain which has rotted part of the basha frames and kitchen area.


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