What do Borneo and Bermuda have in common?

26th March 2016

At 16,305km apart why are you reading about Bermuda on a Raleigh Borneo blog post?

Since 2005 Raleigh Bermuda has successfully seen 58 young Bermudan’s successfully complete expeditions in Malaysia. We are proud that Raleigh Bermuda’s first ever expedition volunteers came to us in Borneo in 2005. Raleigh Bermuda have just published their General Annual Report 2015 which celebrates the important links they have with all Raleigh International expedition countries since 2005.

We support Raleigh Bermuda’s mission of “using overseas expeditions, local training, and on going coaching, we challenge young Bermudians to harness their full potential and develop skills for life”.

“Bermuda is dealing with an unprecedented increase in youth related gang violence, raising great concern for everyone as we face losing our next generation to drugs, crime and overall apathy. More than half of young Black males enrolled in Bermuda’s public education system quit before attaining a secondary school certificate.” (Raleigh Bermuda)

Raleigh Bermuda’s vision is of a “Bermuda where young people work together, regardless of social background and culture – challenged to raise their aspirations, supported to believe in themselves and inspired to be part of a global community active in making their world a better place.”

Jermae Alumni Committee Chair in Bermuda
Jermae, Alumni Committee Chair in Bermuda

Borneo Alumni, Jermaé Paynter-Smith, has just been appointed as Alumni Committee Chair in Bermuda and has been given the Outstanding Volunteer award for her incredible work on developing their Alumni Committee.

“Before Raleigh, I was living in a deep dark hole called depression. I felt that my life wasn’t going anywhere and I wasn’t accomplishing any of my life goals. Then tragedy struck in 2011 when my cousin, Malcolm Outerbridge, had his life taken shortly after returning from his Raleigh expedition to Borneo. Hearing about his experience and how Raleigh had changed his life, I thought about my life and the change it needed. Upon my return to Bermuda, I became motivated, confident, and happy and have since had many opportunities and accomplishments”.

Venturers returning from their Borneo Summer expedition 15D described their experience:

Volunteer from Bermuda
Volunteer from Bermuda In Borneo

“Raleigh was the veracious footpath I needed to guide me on new steps in life. Every day I was exposed to parts of myself I needed to work on which will help me with so many things I’ll face.” Jendaya Mills-Paynter Borneo 2015 Expediton 15D
“My Raleigh experience has changed my life. I feel like I’ve made so much progress on my goals. The experience has given me the environment to see my faults and to progress as a person.” Matthias Lawrence Borneo 2015 Expedition 15D

“There is something really humbling about being in a place where money & material things are the last things that matter. Where everyone has a smile on their face and a lending hand to give.” Nafisa Robinson Borneo 2015 Expedition 15D

“Raleigh changed my life by helping me to work through problems I had and to reach goals I set for myself. The experience also made me more appreciative of what I have back home and encouraged me to make a difference in my community.” Bryson Doers Borneo 2015 Expedition 15D

At Raleigh we are proud that as an international collective our reach extends across the globe and our volunteer journeys continue after expeditions. You can find out more about our partners on our partner pages.


Looking Ahead to our current expedition:

21st – 25th March – The Loop to Alpha Groups 1 and 2
29th March – Change Over Two
30th March – Allocations to Alpha Groups for phase three
31st March – Deployment to phase three

Remember you can contact anyone on 16A expedition here 

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