Training, Jungle Camp and Raleigh Olympics!

29th June 2013

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead)

After the first nights sleep at Basecamp, Delta Teams were up early for a typical Raleigh breakfast of porridge before an expedition meeting led by Deputy programme Manager, Phili.

During the course of the few days, Delta teams joined in round robin training sessions covering navigation, tools, river crossings, safe swimming area assessment, HF radio, first aid, as well as a session led by the expedition comms team encouraging venturers to write about their experiences for this blog.


The teams then took turns with the jungle master himself, Floyd, and his team of experts. They were taught how to set up bashas (jungle bed consisting of hammock and tarpaulin), dig long drops and learnt how to dispose of waste safely. The teams then geared up for their trip into the jungle and marched on with much enthusiasm to..

get out there!

It was all not just serious stuff though, there were games and energisers thrown in, which quickly formed friendships and developed teamwork.

Not to mention the fantastic Raleigh Olympics..

..few competitors escaped without getting a thorough soaking!


After four nights at Basecamp and with the last of the exhausted (and soaked) trekkers returning from the jungle, it was time for the much-anticipated project allocations.

Once they have learned which Alpha Teams they will be in, the venturers will deploy for their first phase. Check back tomorrow to find out who is heading where.

In addition to the Alpha teams, Fieldbase will also be getting ready to deploy as part of the loop. Driving the Raleigh Bravo, the team will visit all static project sites for both expeditions taking additional tools and equipment, mail, fizzy drinks and chocolate as part of the shop and all your blog posts. As none of the project sites have access to call home, your messages and words of encouragement really make all the difference, so get posting to ensure we can deliver them on time.

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