The Government will partner with youth to manifest Green Growth agenda in Tanzania

16th September 2016

On 6th, September young people from several regions in Tanzania gathered in Dar es Salaam to celebrate the end of the Global Green Growth week, where they met government officials, decision makers and development partners to discuss how the Green Growth agenda is manifested in the country and how as young people can be supported and empowered to effectively implement it. The conference brought together more than 130 young people to see the way forward towards the sustainable development in the country.

Among the key people attended was Deputy permanent secretary at the Vice-Minster’s office Eng. Ngosi Mwihava who then congratulated Raleigh Tanzania for paving the way to green economy by involving youth in the process and ensured young people and other stakeholders of the government’s commitment towards seeing Tanzania adopt the green growth agenda fully in the next couple of years.


“First, economic development and environmental protection are interdependent and mutually underpinning mechanisms of sustainable development, Second, the simultaneous quest for economic development and environmental protection is an actual and practical way to accomplish many goals of sustainable development, and we therefore will explore the future direction of our country towards the green economy”, said Eng. Mwihava.

In Dar es Salaam, the government is about to launch the natural gas supply for domestic uses as the way to discourage the rapid deforestation in rural Tanzania, where the trees are cut down for charcoal and firewood to meet the energy demands for both urban and rural areas. According to the Deputy Secretary, 372000 acres of forests are cut down equals to the size of Rwanda. “Without the clear strategy of checking the rate of deforestation in Tanzania, the country will lose 372000 acres of her forest cover equivalent to the small size like Rwanda in the next five to eight years” said Eng. Mwihava.


Ms. Clara Makenya, National Coordination Officer for United Nations Environmental Program-Tanzania urged the government to effectively implement the national environmental policies and strictly enforce laws, while encouraged young people to seek more knowledge especially from the internet and books for them to have enough understanding on how important it is to conserve the environment.  She said “In Tanzania we have good policies, it is not like we don’t have policies at all. But there is a need for the government to oversee the implementation of all the good environmental related policies, including strictly ensuring that the laws are enforced and observed by everyone.

Among the participants of the conference were Raleigh alumni who attended in a large number. Nicolaus Mukasa who volunteered with Raleigh ICE 16 said “The conference helped me in realizing the importance of green growth in describing a path of economic growth that uses natural resources in a sustainable manner and how it can be used globally to provide alternative ideas to industrial economic growth and thus improve our economic standards”.

The conference involved live social media coverage whereby hundreds of tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts were shared, which as a result reached and engaged thousands of young people in Tanzania through the hashtag #Youth4GreenGrowth. This program is expected to continue through social media movement and action at home projects that Tanzania expedition volunteers are expected to carryout in their communities after their placements with Raleigh.

The Green Growth project is funded by the Oak Foundation in Tanzania and Nicaragua and it aims to help creating an enabling environment for youth-led action to promote green growth – economic and social development in harmony with the environment. Activities and advances are happening in each and after the period of actions, next year the society will gather again to evaluate the yearly achievements and the way to the phase.


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