Introducing……… the rest of the VMs!

10th June 2013
Name game

We are thrilled to report that the remaining Volunteer Managers have now joined us here at Fieldbase!!!

We now have……

  • Ten Project Managers (PMs) – Adam, Amy, Bob, Harriet, Hugh, Lisa, Neha, Rob, Tom and Wesley
  • Two new Medics to join Sarah – Christine and Andy
  • Two new Adventure PMs to join Kris – Alex and Caroline
  • Two new members of the Fieldbase team – Andrea our administrator and Elda our finance officer

Since the team have arrived, we’ve been busily getting to know one another, starting with an animal-themed round of the Name Game involving 42 of us. A record, surely?!

This game is a take on a Raleigh favourite, where everyone stands in a large circle and introduces themselves with their first name, the name of an animal beginning with the same first letter as their name, and an impersonation of that animal.

For example, Carolyn begins with “My name is Carolyn and I’m a Cat… Miaow!” and gives us her best feline impression. We each then take it in turns, with the challenge being……. you need to recite the name, the animal and the impersonation of each person before you in the circle before you say your own. With 42 people involved, this is no mean feat!

Name game

– Tom gives us his best tiger impression –

Name game 2

– Harriet and Jelly (#38 and 39) achieve perfect scores…. Bob’s not worried, he’s got them covered –


– what a pack of animals –

Today has seen the start of an intense fortnight of induction, training and project planing before the venturers arrive.

Today’s focus was on the Millenium Development Goals, the projects the alpha groups will be delivering here in Tanzania, the important health and safety guidelines we all need to abide by on Expedition and, finally, how to pack our rucksacks effectively for trekking.

Tomorrow, we’ll head off to WAMO (basecamp) for 3 days of trek training…. wish us luck!




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