It begins now and with you, because tomorrow is too late

20th April 2020

Climate change will continue to be one of the world’s greatest threats if action is not taken. As the global population grows, deforestation increases and pressure on our natural resources build. What needs to be done to save the planet from climate change? We must satisfy our needs in ways which maintains the natural environment for the future.

My name is Fantatoure Ally. I volunteered with Raleigh Tanzania on a 10-week volunteer programme in 2019, when I worked on environmental projects in Kibao and Kihanga communities.

With my team of fellow volunteers, we took action to protect the natural vegetation and forest in Kibao and Kihanga villages by providing education for people in rural areas on the importance of preserving the environment.

To support the preservation of the natural forest in these communities, we provided  education on how to construct rocket stoves. Rocket stoves are efficient and hot burning stoves which using small-diameter wood fuel. Many rural communities use firewood as a source of energy in the preparation of food, but rocket stoves help to reduce the amount of firewood used for cooking, limiting the need for deforestation.

We also held awareness raising sessions with young students on the importance of environmental preservation. Tree planting can combat the negative impact that deforestation has on our communities, so it is vital that the next generation learn and understand about the importance of planting for the future.

Natural Resource Management projects reduce the impact of climate change

In both Kihanga and Kibao we planted more than 150,000 pine patches in tree nurseries which in future years will support communities here. People will be able generate income from those trees while reducing the amount of deforestation in these areas.

Raleigh volunteers plant thousands of trees each year

I believe we have made a lasting impact in the lives of the people in Kibao and Kihanga village in Mufindi. The work that I and my fellow volunteers did on our project will bring a positive impact in short term and long term, both environmentally and financially.

If we all put our hands together we can fight climate change. It begins with you, now, because tommorow is too late.

Fantatoure is just one of thousands of young people who have participated in Raleigh’s programmes. Since 2016, Raleigh Tanzania have reached more than 14 communities on Natural Resource Management projects, where local people have received support on learning about environmental management and the construction of rocket stoves. Raleigh Tanzania volunteers have also tackled deforestation through the creation of tree nurseries. Their tree nurseries contain 150,000 pine spatulas in each community, making a total of 2 million and one hundred thousand pine spatulas across 14 rural communities.

Together young people are taking action to protect the environment. There is no planet B, so let’s protect the one we have. The time is now.

This Earth Day young people are taking action to protect the planet. What are you doing to tackle the climate crisis? Let us know at 

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