Nicaraguan alumni team up to improve literacy in León

23rd June 2016

Nicaraguan volunteers Elizabeth, Yoaska, Darwin and Asdrubal volunteered on a water and sanitation project in the rural community of Pueblo Viaje in Matagalpa. After their Raleigh placements, they decided to be active citizens together and teamed up to create the ‘Learn – Read Initative’ in León.

Based in the Walter Ferreti Cast community centre, the initiative was set up to tackle the problem of illiteracy.  The group noticed that there was no space for reading and writing comprehension in León, so they decided to create a library which would be open to everyone to come and improve their reading skills. Sustainability was a big part of their Raleigh project, so the team decided to build their library using recycled materials like plastic bottles and pre-used wood.


“We wanted contribute to the achievement of the global goals of quality education, reducing inequalities and climate action. So we created a place where the most vulnerable and impoverished in our region can access an educational environment to enrich their knowledge.  We set up a sustainable library, where our bookcases are made from plastic bottles, so that people can access second-hand books and improve their literacy. Our project serves more than 120 families in the neighbourhood, as well as 45 young inmates supervised by the Department of Youth Affairs of the National Police”.

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The group have raised awareness about their initiative through local radio, newspaper and social media channels, and have received considerable donations to run the project.

“Many of our fellow volunteers with Raleigh ICS are motivated to make a change, either personally, with their family, or in their community.  We, like them, firmly believe that when you have willingness and motivation, anything is possible.”


You can find out more about the ‘Learn – Read Initative’ on their Facebook page.  If you have an exciting Action at home story to share, get in touch at 

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