Rose takes the Climate Express to the UN

7th October 2016

Raleigh alumna Rose was recently selected to become one of 360 young global leaders to take part in the Merit360 programme. In August 2016, she travelled thousands of miles from Tanzania to New York with the aim of working alongside like-minded young active citizens to develop a plan against climate change.

Merit360 is an annual event in partnership with the UN that connects young leaders around the world. As part of the application process for the 2016 programme, Rose was challenged to distribute 200 surveys on how the UN is perceived, of which she went above and beyond.

Rose and her team worked to combat climate action

“With support from my fellow Raleigh Tanzania Alumni and my social networks, I reached over 900 people from different parts of Tanzania.  As a result, I passed the application and was given a place on the World Merit programme.”

Rose joined with delegates from across the world in the USA for two weeks to work on projects that would lead to the creation of an action plan for addressing the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Once I arrived in New York, the amazing experience began.  I was so happy to be invited to speak alongside other inspirational speakers such as Ahmed Alhendawi (UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth). There was so much learning, sharing, growing, and it was great to experience the adventure of New York.

Rose speaks at the UN

One of my highlights from the experience was getting to support the United Nations to implement Action Plan 001. For this, I worked together with other young people on the programme (known as ‘Action Plan Executers’) to develop an idea which would combat climate action, which we then pitched to the UN.

14390764_879337502210946_645311148747914475_nOur idea was the Climate Express.  The Climate Express will assemble a team of global climate advocates on a bus to reach communities vulnerable to climate change. By delivering expert knowledge and resources, these communities will be equipped to find local solutions to become more resilient.  The Climate Express will connect marginalised communities with scientists, local NGO representatives and agricultural experts, and will provide hands-on knowledge that will help communities prepare for the changing environment.

We pitched our idea and had success! The pilot project of the Climate Express will begin in Ghana and travel between Vea, Kokoligu and Karni, targetting vulnerable communities where flooding and droughts affect locals. We hope that after the pilot, the Climate Express will be able to visit other countries supported by UN.

Rose’s team of fellow of Merit360 Action Plan Executers

The opportunity to speak at the United Nations with Merit360 was a great opportunity for me.  It was also a great place for me to talk about Raleigh Tanzania and I am proud that some of the young people I met in New York are now interested in getting involved as Raleigh volunteers. I felt very proud to represent my organisation and country in New York.

Through Merit360 I have met amazing friends and inspirational people who have helped me develop my personal goals. But while I met many inspirational people with World Merit, I am proud to have been the inspiration to other young people.  I was particularly glad to inspire women in Tanzania to believe they have a voice and to encourage them to be the woman they want to be.

Get inspired from people and find a way to develop yourself, because only then will you become the inspiration.”

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