Selamat datang! The Venturers arrive!

29th June 2013

Over the course of two days Project Managers (PMs) eagerly met Host Country Venturers (HCVs) and Venturers (Vs) participating in 5 week, 7 week and 10 week expeditions. They were safely met at the airport, having travelled from all around the world.

Collectively the Borneo 13 E & F expeditions bring together a staggering number of nationalities, including:

British, Malay, French, Belgian, Irish, Jordanian, Chinese, Dutch, Albanian, Austrian, German, African, Scottish, Welsh, Ghanaian, Swedish, American, Spanish, Canadian, Bermudian, New Zealander and Australian.

“..I can’t believe it, I’m finally here..!” 

The new arrivals were split into 9 Delta Teams each led by 2-3 PMs who remain together throughout the Vs Induction Week at Basecamp.There were quick introductions at the airport, bags thrown on to a bus, snacks eaten and a short journey to Basecamp.

Throughout the Venturer’s Induction Week, PMs pass on all the essential skills and jungle training they have learnt over the past 2-3 weeks.

As soon as everyone arrived, they set about unpacking and setting up bashas, hammocks and mozzie nets before settling down into their Delta Teams for ice-breakers, name games and medical 1-2-1’s.

“..I hope to experience a different culture and go home with a different set of priorities..”

Basecamp was a hive of activity with Venturers breaking off into their Delta Teams for various fun activities, but amongst the excitement of making new friends, meeting the PMs and starting a once in a lifetime adventure, there were also feelings of nerves and missing home. To expel any myths and answer questions, PMs led a session called ‘Hopes and fears’.

“..I’m nervous about the trek, I’m worried about the jungle, I’m scared I won’t be able to keep up..”

Teams sat together and each shared a hope they had for expedition together with a fear.

“This is so tough, I am never going to make it.”

( hour and a half later) “Raleigh is awesome!”

It demonstrated that a lot of the same fears about expedition were shared by their fellow V’s.

“..I want to learn the value of life, not luxury”

Together with their PMs, they talked about ways to overcome them and that working at each others pace and supporting each other along the way was integral to a successful team.  Despite only just meeting for the first time, Venturers openly put forward their thought-provoking hopes for the next 5-10 weeks and the session reassuringly showed they already had much in common.

” ..I didn’t like school, but I hope I get a chance to teach english to children at a Kindergarten build..”

Then it was time for a presentation and warm welcome to Sabah from Country Director, Mac, followed by Country Programme Manager Sarah, Deputy Programme Manager Phili and 5-week Coordinator Ian, before a hearty dinner and an early night ready for a full few days of training ahead.

Jumpa lagi!

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