Sudhir’s Story: From a Volunteer to Country Program Manager

12th June 2018

There is a story to everyone. In Raleigh International Nepal Country Office, among the hubbub of daily comms rotations, morning meetings, busy work hours, and lunch hours, there is barely any time to listen to stories. We prioritize volunteers and team leaders, who toil day and night in the rural communities of Gorkha and Makwanpur, always motivated to bring change in the society and in themselves. We are proud to be their stepping stone where they learn copious amount of lessons in a short duration of three months and instigate a wonderful journey towards their dreams and goals. However, this time we are determined to bring out the stories of people who work behind the scenes. This post is about our Country Program Manager Sudhir Malla, who started out as a volunteer and raised himself to this position with continuous determination and patience, most importantly passion.

Sudhir Malla has an undergraduate degree in Management but when he started volunteering in Restless Development and teaching children in a rural community, he decided to pave his way towards the field of development and social work. Hence, began his adventure. He has been a part of several organizations in many respectable ranks. He says that United Mission to Nepal has been his university of life and it helped him mold into the person he is now. When asked about why he decided to join Raleigh, Sudhir says, “Working here felt like coming back home.” He loves working with young people. And youths have been the core area wherever he has worked. It is the part of Raleigh he likes the most: this organization focuses not only in community development but also in the personal development of youths.

As a Country Program Manager, he works closely with the Country Director, Head Office Program Team, Internal Program Team and Partner Organizations. “Programs Team is very result oriented” he emphasizes. The programs room in the ground floor of country office is mostly where liaisons are made, grant proposals are finalized and reports are submitted to the government. Sudhir is a specialist in domains like livelihood program, emergency response, gender and disable friendly programming. He has successfully implemented the trend of choosing project field officers, and research candidates from among the energetic alumni. He advocates against brain drain and believes that small efforts like this can make a stark difference in the country.

Sudhir says that his volunteering experience has helped him reflect in a positive way and those reflections are always encouraging, even to this day. When asked about the greatest impact stories in Raleigh, he says, “The impact that volunteers make in three months is phenomenal. I take it as a super-achievement.  It is the power of youth and energy.”



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