From Tanzania to London: Radhia shares her passion for youth empowerment

21st July 2016
Radhia in London

This month, Tanzanian alumna Radhia travelled to London for the Girls’ Education Forum. During her first visit to the UK, she addressed her fellow ICS alumni about her experience of education in Tanzania, and visited Raleigh head office to meet the team. Radhia told us about her experience as a Raleigh volunteer and what she made of her trip to London.

“To be a volunteer you need to have a passion for what you do, a love for what you are doing and the belief and confidence that you can achieve your dream. When I was volunteering with Raleigh as an ICS team leader, many people I knew in Tanzania told me that I was wasting my time. But as a young leader, I have a passion to encourage other young people to be the best they can be.

Radhia’s team of volunteers in Kizonzo, Tanzania
Radhia’s team of volunteers in Kizonzo, Tanzania

“Raleigh has given me many opportunities to act on this passion through my ICS placement. I have shared my skills and knowledge with other volunteers from around the world and I provided training for young entrepreneurs in the community of Kizonzo. I also helped set up school clubs to support young girls with the issues they face. This work was impactful and rewarding, and it was an honour to be welcomed by the community we worked in.”

As an active and engaged Raleigh alumna, Radhia was invited to London to attend the Girls’ Education Forum. This was one-off event designed to take action to support the 63 million girls around the world who are not in school. The forum brought together development professionals, decision makers and 170 former ICS volunteers to talk about girls’ education.

“It’s not easy for me to find a word that can express my excitement when I found out that I was going to London. Ever since I was young I have dreamt of going to London, but I never thought it would be possible. With Raleigh I was given this golden opportunity to visit England and join my fellow ICS alumni at the Girls’ Education Forum.

Radhia at the Girls’ Education Forum
Radhia at the Girls’ Education Forum

I was among four other in-country volunteers who went to London for the event. One of my big highlights from the day was being able to address my fellow alumni in a speech about my about my experience in education and as a volunteer. What a wonderful experience!”

Before flying back to Tanzania, Radhia made a visit to Raleigh head office, where she had a very special reunion with her fellow ICS team leader Lorraine. She also held an inspirational presentation on her experience as a Raleigh volunteer.

Radhia and Lorraine
Radhia and Lorraine

“I had a great time with the staff of Raleigh HQ. I couldn’t expect that one day I would do a presentation in Raleigh head office in London and everyone would come to watch. It was a pleasure for me to meet with such friendly people who are always happy, who fight and work hard to create lasting change.”

Radhia and the staff at Raleigh's London head office
Radhia and the staff at Raleigh’s London head office

“I can say that Raleigh ICS built me well so that I can stand anywhere and speak about issues concerning young people. I believe in order to have better tomorrow; we have to build strong today.”

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