Team Leader Allocations!

9th October 2013

Last week the ICS team all gathered together to find out where they would be spending the 10 weeks of Expedition 13W, what Project they would be working on and who their fellow Team Leader would be.

There were cheers and clapping all round as the Charlie groups were revealed, so, lets meet the teams!

Charlie 1

TAN 13J AL ICS Allocations 002

Charlie 1 – Charlie and George – will be spending 10 weeks out in Miganga in the Dodoma region of Tanzania. They will be working with MAMODO on a school sanitation block and water tank in the village as well as awareness raising on hand washing and basic sanitation.

Charlie 2

TAN 13J AL ICS Allocations 003

Rosa and Paul, Charlie 2, will also be out in the Dodoma region, in the village of Chaminwo Ikulu. They’ll also be working with MAMODO building a school sanitation block along with awareness raising and community sensitisation (helping the community to adapt to changes).

Charlie 3

TAN 13J AL ICS Allocations 004

Charlie 3’s Team Leaders, Sahedul and Yvonne will be working alongside SEMA in Mgongo, in the Singida region.  They will be completing a sanitation block that was started by a previous Raleigh ICS group and starting work on a water system.

Charlie 4

TAN 13J AL ICS Allocations 006

Katie and Joseph will also be based in the Singida region, in Nikonkilangi. They’ll be partnering with SEMA to build a sanitation block and raise awareness of water and sanitation issues in the surrounding communities.

Charlie 5

TAN 13J AL ICS Allocations 008

Charlie 5, Ally and Lillian, will be living and working in Magakulu. A village in the Tabora region. They’ll be working with a new project partner, HAPA, to raise awareness of water and sanitation issues, build demonstration latrines and complete water surveys.  

Charlie 6

Grace and Joachim copy

Grace and Joachim are travelling the furthest away from Fieldbase to reach their project location. Based up in Basadawish in the Arusha region they’ll be working with DMDD to construct a water tank and raise awareness within the community.

The Team Leaders have been out to visit their project sites and are now getting ready for the Volunteers to arrive. A welcome party is setting off for Dar tomorrow to collect the International Volunteers on Friday. We’ll bring you an update on everyone as soon as they arrive safely!

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