The Googlers have arrived!

5th October 2016

By Steve Freeman, Communications Officer

The Google Volunteers, AKA ‘The Googlers’, have arrived in Mbeya and can’t wait to get through induction and move on to their villages!

Fantastic news!  The Googlers have arrived from the UK and have made it to Mbeya in the south of Tanzania to begin their two day induction before taking off and spending the next two weeks in their respective villages. 

Google will be in Tanzania working with young entrepreneurs from our ICS programme and will be supporting them with business training and mentoring, with support from our project partner East Africa Dairy Development (EADD).  The goal is to help achieve an increase in entrepreneurial and employability skills and knowledge, including business models, cash flows, and product development, to thirty young entrepreneurs in two rural communities, Nundu and Nkalise, in southern Tanzania.

For the next two weeks, the Googlers will be meeting with these young entrepreneurs to learn about the needs and challenges of each business, focus on how they can add value and support to the entrepreneurs, and work out how Google can be a vehicle for innovation and business growth, while being sensitive of the needs of youth entrepreneurs living in impoverished rural areas.

Google Team Nundu
Google Team Nundu

The Googlers will also be using their business and technology expertise to improve youth enterprises in target communities and the foundation of support structures by introducing ways to access market information or promote business through mobile technology.  This idea will allow the entrepreneurs to access information on weather and markets to help them become better prepared in their communities.

Google Team Nkalise
Google Team Nkalise

The Googlers are meeting with the project partner and communities that they will be working with for the entirety of their stay.  They will soon be learning specifics on all of the business ideas and the challenges that the young entrepreneurs are facing.  Once these issues have been addressed, the Googlers will devise a workshop with a presentation of improvements and solutions for each business.

Frank is excited about what’s to come as he says it was “high energy, inspirational, and emotional, and that was just the morning session!” 

And Josephine says it was a “great induction to an amazing adventure.  I feel very prepared to work with my international and Tanzanian team with the local entrepreneurs.”

We are all very excited to see what the Googlers will be doing with the communities in Nundu and Nkalise. 

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