The power youth in a Joint Working Group (JWG) at Mbamba Village, Tanzania in resolving challenges

18th December 2019

Raleigh Tanzania implements a Social Accountability through Youth (SAY) project in Morogoro, Dodoma and Iringa regions,Tanzania in partnership with Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) that operates its sustainable charcoal project in Mbamba village, Kilosa district. TFCG aims at establishing commercially viable chains for legal and sustainably produced charcoal. In supporting young people in Tanzania to bring about change within their communities Raleigh Tanzania has recruited and trained young local volunteers as community monitors, and so is the case in Mbamba village.

In Mbamba village there is a ready formed – working Joint Working Group which is diversely represented by members within the community. The Joint Working Group (JWG) is formed by the Village Executive Officer, Village Environmental Committee, Village Natural Resources Committees, Village Land use Committee, women, youth representatives, people living with disabilities and social workers representatives. Ideally, the joint working group act as a solution-based platform to resolve challenges identified by community monitors after monitoring the sustainable charcoal project.
Mr. Said Mlongoze, the Village Executive Officer (VEO) of Mbamba village explains how the Joint Working Group is helping to resolve issues identified by community monitors after their first monitoring.

‘’There was a conflict between charcoal producers and cattle keepers in the village, community monitors identified this problem whilst conducting their monitoring visit. As part of the Joint Working Group I was able to raise awareness of Bylaws that help to guide proper use of land and forest. We (JWG) both agreed that these laws should be adhered to in the community and agreed to put a sign that alerts everyone to stop taking their cattles in the forest area. Up until now everyone is following bylaws and practicing proper land use, so that was an immense success for us’’ Mr. Mlongoze stressed.

Community monitors (Peter and Rosa) are working together with village leaders and other stakeholders in the village to ensure proper mechanism of social accountability is used in the processes and remain to be inclusive and everyone in the community gets the feedback through village meetings.

Raleigh Tanzania staff and Mbamba Village Excutive Officer discussing.

Mr. Said Mlongoze explains that, ‘’The Joint Working Group has been extremely helpful during community meetings and suggesting solutions on how to ensure the sustainability of charcoal project implemented by TFCG’’

Miss Sauda Kisusu, A Community member and Joint Working Group representative

Sauda Kisusu is a member of Joint Working Group and works as an Assistant Chairperson of village natural resource committee. She is responsible of ensuring Bylaws that guide the use of land and protecting the forest are followed and made aware to everyone in the community.

‘’ So far, we are seeing changes in the community because issues are been raised openly and made public, this makes village leaders respond positively and make decisions. I am confident that the community monitors will keep monitoring to ensure that villagers adhere to the laws made’’ Miss Sauda Kisusu

Cattles in the forest
A sign to stop people taking cattle in Forest.



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