“We wanted to do something that rewires the narrative and celebrates women for the amazing work they do.”

31st October 2018

After returning from her ICS placement in 2016, Kasi was inspired to do a project that focuses on women's empowerment. So since then, she has teamed up with fellow ICS alumni Shahema to set up A Woman’s Wish, an online platform dedicated to sharing stories from strong, inspiring women.

“I always knew that women in my community needed more opportunities, but I didn’t really know how to change this. So when I and fellow ICS alumni Shahema were preparing to complete our ICS Action at Home projects, we saw it as a perfect time to make something happen with our dream.

We live in a society that is heavily built on objectifying, ridiculing and judging women and we wanted to do something that attempts to rewire that narrative and instead celebrate women and young girls for all of the amazing work that they do.

So we decided to set up an online platform for women to be able to empower each other.

A Woman’s Wish is a space for women and young girls from all backgrounds to share their stories to inspire and support each other. The platform has been a great place to share the challenges women face, from mental health to forced marriage, and more importantly how they are able to overcome these challenges. We’ve already got women connecting with each other and learning through sharing their stories, and we want to keep building that momentum so we can build a place of solidarity and celebration.

We’re still in the early stages and hope to build it up over time. We’re continuing to consider what the issues are that face us and women around us, and how we can do something that makes some kind of impact.

Outside of the online platform, we are in the process of setting up a study space for women and young girls in our local community as a safe, inexpensive place for them to do their work as this doesn’t really exist in our local communities for a number of reasons.

I also work with Birmingham schools to support them in engaging in more global topics, from refugees to gender equality, which gives young people from different economic backgrounds the opportunity to engage in discussions about issues that affect them. From that, many students have led their own projects in their schools and local communities to advocate for change, and their ideas are fantastic because they care.

We’re all capable of doing something to be part of a bigger change in our local and global communities, from awareness raising about an issue to volunteering; nothing will change if we don’t work together.”

You can get involved with a A Womens Wish by contacting info@awomanswish.org.  Have you also done an inspiring active citizenship project? We’d love to find out more. Get in touch at alumni@raleighinternational.org  

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