Malaysian Borneo Expedition

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The Advance team have assembled at Raleigh Borneo’s fieldbase from all four corners of the globe to assist with the final expedition taking place in Borneo. The team, all specialists in their respective fields, consists of the Deputy Operations Management team, Logistics team, Medic, Communications team and Administration.

June 15, 2018

There is a story to everyone. In Raleigh International Nepal Country Office, among the hubbub of daily comms rotations, morning meetings, busy work hours, and lunch hours, there is barely any time to listen to stories. We prioritize volunteers and team leaders, who toil day and night in the rural communities of Gorkha and Makwanpur, always motivated to bring change in the society and in themselves. We are proud to be their stepping stone where they learn copious amount of lessons in a short duration of three months and instigate a wonderful journey towards their dreams and goals. However, this time we are determined to bring out the stories of people who work behind the scenes. This post is about our Country Program Manager Sudhir Malla, who started out as a volunteer and raised himself to this position with continuous determination and patience, most importantly passion.

June 12, 2018

Since plummeting onto the runway in Kathmandu my concept of ‘Comfort Zones’ has entirely evaporated out of use. But this has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It will not do to spend one’s life confined to rituals and routines week after week. From arriving here, I have not had a minute to myself. I have been spending every aspect of my life; eating, working and sleeping alongside people I’ve only known for a couple of days. Although this can be scary it is a big reward to be able to make firm friends this quickly.

June 11, 2018

An early start on our first working day of our second week marked the first venture of Solithum’s newly founded Water Users Committee. We hiked up to the village water source to find a diverse group of community members enthusiastic to start work on their new water scheme. Our role in this consisted of forming a “human chain” with the community members to transport building materials, such as sand and pebbles required to build an intake tank and a water reservoir.

June 11, 2018

Menstruation is often considered a taboo subject in rural Tanzania. This prevents open discussion about it, even between females. Girls can feel scared and isolated, often fearing they are ill or dying. Outdated myths are common in these communities, like the myth that if girls walk past men whilst menstruating they can get pregnant, or that their menstrual stomach cramps will stop if they get married or pregnant. Young girls hide their periods from male family members and most mothers feel uncomfortable discussing the subject, because of their lack of education on the normality of menstruation.

May 28, 2018

It’s International Day of Biological Diversity – a day to increase awareness and understanding of biodiversity issues. Sabah is home to some of the greatest biodiversity and ecosystems in the world. The heart of Borneo alone has 10 times the biodiversity of the Netherlands, with three new species being discovered every month.

Parallel to the issues being faced around the world, areas of land across Sabah are under an ever-increasing threat from human activities such as logging and poaching. For over 30 years, Raleigh Borneo has been working with a variety of conservation areas across Sabah to help protect and restore areas of land. Raleigh Borneo returned to Danum Valley Conservation Area in 2017 to continue to support their environmental efforts.

May 22, 2018

Krishna Bahadur is the village respondent and head of the Water Users Committee in Sau Gaun, a village of 17 households and a population of 80. He was born in Kathmandu, Thamel, despite his family being from Sau Gaun. He moved to his village (Sau Gaun) at the age of 3 and started his education locally, moving between five different schools before studying at college and university in Kathmandu, where he studied hotel management. He went on to work in hotels for four years, in roles such as waiter and management. Hhis ability to speak English greatly improved due to the large tourist customer base. From his acquired skills he decided to open his own hotel (called Hotel Garden), running successfully for three years until he had to close because of lack of business.

May 22, 2018

Eco-tourism is environmentally-responsible travel to natural areas, where visitors can appreciate nature whilst inflicting minimal impact on the environment. Eco-tourism also promotes conservation and education, making Horizontes Experimental the perfect destination for environmentalists.   

El ecoturismo es un viaje responsable con el medioambiente a las áreas naturales, donde los visitantes pueden apreciar la naturaleza a la vez que ejercen un impacto mínimo sobre el medio ambiente. El ecoturismo también promueve la conservación y la educación, por lo que Horizontes Experimental es el destino perfecto para los ecologistas.

May 21, 2018

Soil is everything in this part of Nepal we will now live in for three months. In our second week in Shikharjung, we helped grow first vegetable nursery that included veggies like tomato and cabbage. The seedlings that grow in this patch of land will be distributed to each of the poly-tunnel beneficiaries to support their economic growth. Poly-tunnels are made with bamboo or steel with semi circular hoops that are covered with plastics. They work like green houses and are used to grow off seasonal vegetables. The main objective of growing the vegetable nursery and constructing poly-tunnels is to empower the local people in their business in a sustainable way.

May 21, 2018

In autumn 2017, I decided to return back to my home country, Nepal, on a Raleigh ICS placement with an ambition to make a difference in the lives of some of the most underprivileged people living in deprived areas. Over the course of 10 weeks, our focus was on providing easy access to clean water; infrastructure work; community development ; awareness raising and training in a small community named Dhuseni in Gorkha.

May 16, 2018