Bring it on…

13th February 2014

Charlie 1c

Discussing the sustainability of International Development is just another day for 14P.

The Team Leaders have been facilitating some excellent discussions on topics such as awareness raising in the community and peer education within the villages; inspiring the volunteers to unravel a plethora of creative ideas they could use to raise awareness of health and sanitation issues within their project areas.

Gearing up for deployment to the 5 villages, the ‘Charlie’ groups (our project sites in Tanzania are numbered Charlie 1 – 5) were finally announced yesterday…

Charlie 1 will be working in Mayamaya in the Dodoma region alongside the local community, raising awareness and promoting some demonstration latrines.

Charlie 1c

L-R - Lauren Kruzewski, Emily Crizzle, Elsa Savage, Godfrey Nestory, Edwin Richard, Louisa Fearn, Felista Azizi, Michael Chuman, Emmanuel Mosha, Raymond Shirima, Phillipa Morrison, Verynice Alfred, Hanaike Rehal, Dillon Haldane

Charlie 2 will be living in Nkome, Dodoma, also working with the local community, raising awareness of health and sanitation issues. Working with MAMADO, their project partner, they will also be constructing and promoting demonstration latrines.

Charlie 2b

L-R - Daniel Nkuba, Alex Rigby, Irene Masawe, Kate Brennan, Luke Oldridge, Muhoyi Dinya, Sauda Hussein, Linus Deogratis, Sapphira Looker, Hassan Muhina, Helena Fletcher, Rachael Hutchison, Jovin Samwel

Mgongo, Singida, will be the home of Charlie 3 for the coming weeks. They will be helping to build a pump house to enable the local community to access water in their village, alongside running a water and sanitation awareness campaign.

Charlie 3d

L-R - Yaa Ofori-Ansah, Annastazia Magwena, Godfrey Matanda, Sophia Uledi, Isobel Sutherland, Abbas Iddy, Eilish Owens, Adele Oates, Jack Kirkman, Nuru Kamungu, Loitiship Gabriel, Llyr Morris, Hendy Shirma

Further to the North, Charlie 4 are working on a SWASH (School Water and Sanitation Hygiene) project in Igusule in the Tabora district.  They will be helping to build sanitation blocks in the local school and running a health and sanitation awareness campaign.

Charlie 4

L-R - Stefan Karapatis, Rhona Mtega, Hosiana Erasto, Alex Laurence, Emmanuel Petro, Emily Goodman, Sophie, Tudge, Hermessi Typhone, Husna Abdul, Ruairdh McNulty, Moses Nsajigwa, Ambreen Masud, Will Tuohy

Charlie 5 will be working alongside DMDD in Khusumay in the Arusha region.  They will be helping the local Water Entity Group (WEG) to repair their current water system, making it more efficient, as well as running health and sanitation awareness raising campaigns.

Charlie 5b

L-R - Eva Lyamaya, Dorice Alphonce, Paul Griffith, Rebecca Hudson, Irene Erasto, Kaylea Pike, Christina Ravinet, Harry Martin, Joseph Kikwesha, Emily Cooper, Mohammed Kessy, Hamza Juma, Joachim Sologo, Sahedul Islam

IMG 1267

Over the coming few days, the teams will be adjusting to their new environments, building relationships with the local communities and setting up their camps.  The next few weeks are going to be really exciting as each of the projects begin to develop.  Tune in to our next blog to hear from the groups themselves.