Building Businesses in Hampangala with Echo 4

26th April 2017

Hampangala faces challenges in the fight against youth unemployment, one of the main challenges people face is a lack of finance as there are no financial institutions such as VICOBA’s and SACOSS that can support new and existing entrepreneurs. Most people in the village rely on agriculture as their main source of finance. Depending on the harvest season, cash flow can be sporadic. Lack of transportation is also an issue, which further exacerbates the issue as the village is a self-contained economic unit with little integration within the wider region.

Echo 4 discussing the programme with the entrepreneurs
Echo 4 discussing the programme with the entrepreneurs

Moreover, the lack of education is one of the challenges that is faced. From conducting youth economy surveys, we have been able to see that the majority of youth in the village only have a primary school level of education. Some reported that people left Hampangala to seek further education or employment, contributing to a low level of educational attainment in the village. Gender equality is another issue particularly pertinent to young women in the village, as females are not traditionally expected to be financially independent.


To combat the issues highlighted above, Raleigh Tanzania, in partnership with Save the Children and Action Development Programme is providing entrepreneurial education to areas such as Hampangala. This programme is open to everyone, although business grants are only available to those entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35 as the focus is on the development of young people being the future of tomorrow. However, working in partnership with Save The Children in Hampangala, this age has been lowered to 15. We are also working with the entrepreneurs on other ways of getting financial support as not all young people will receive a grant so as part of the curriculum we will be raising awareness of different ways of gaining funding outside of Raleigh.

Our role

We have just entered into the third week of daily training sessions. During our first week, we concentrated on idea generation and market research. From this, the entrepreneurs have conducted market research on their own business plans. In the second week we began working on the Business Model Canvas which is a visual business plan that allows the entrepreneurs and potential investors to see all aspects of their ideas.

Action day in full swing
Action day in full swing

We’ve had incredible support from the community and the Village Executive Officer (VEO) who has helped with advertising the programme. At the end of our first week in Hampangala we conducted our first action day, to promote the programme. Throughout the day we held sports day competitions, with a final football match held against the local team.

During the course of the next 8 weeks we aim to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence of the entrepreneurs. This will equip them with the tools to fight the challenges young people face. Looking at the wider picture this also links up to the global sustainability goals set up by the UN.

Youth Economic Empowerment Tanzania