Building a Sustainable Future

27th August 2017

We went about this with a series of steps. The first was to visit each household door-to-door and have a discussion about what they needed. Here we also gave them a list of what we could offer – plastic ponds, polytunnels, compost pits and more. This established that all households had ideas for how they could expand their micro-business, or make it more profitable with our help.

Vegetable Nursery in the making


Next was a community meeting. We felt it would be more appropriate for the village to decide where we would support rather than us. This allowed everyone to have a say and pitch their idea, before the decision was made collectively. From this we had our ten Income Generating Activities (IGAs) which we will support, which were two plastic ponds to store water for crops; seven shed improvements for livestock and one large polytunnel to allow for off-season farming.

Locals in Discussion

Once the Income Generating Activities (IGAs) identification was completed, we revisited each household that is receiving our support to write business plans. These were in depth forms which covered areas such as previous, current and future profits. The ten business plans were then passed on to our project partner where we are awaiting confirmation on when we will be receiving resources. In the meantime, we are beginning with digging the holes for plastic ponds.

We are all excited about this next phase, which will no doubt be very busy.

November Charlie 8 over and out.


Written by Lottie and Aimee

Ghanti khola, Makwanpur

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Nepal