Sunrise over Morogoro welcomes the 13I crew

12th July 2013

A few days ago, as the sun rose up over the mountains of Morogoro, 8 very sleepy volunteer managers arrived from an early flight and headed to fieldbase to continue their training and to prepare before the arrival of the venturers in a couple of weeks.

  IMG 4111

An early start for the VM's

  IMG 4171

Using the new GPS equipment on the first trek 


For the last few days the advance team and VM's (volunteer managers) have been working together to build a strong team. We have been doing loads of training from tropical medical health to doing risk assessments to make sure everything is safe. We have already been out on an adventure, trek training across the rigged terrain of Morogoro and getting used to using the GPS equipment. We finished the day well by camping out under the stars, cooking on camp fire and sharing stories. We woke up at the crack of dawn and began a long trek back to field base to be welcomed by a well deserved lunch! IMG 4571

The VM's trek in paradise

  IMG 4594

     Ollie, one of the VM leads the way


 IMG 4691

                                         VM's these days get younger and younger!

  Ollie, one of the VM's wanted to say hi on the blog and tell you more about what we have been up to… "Hi, I'm Ollie and the last few days have been hard work but also a lot of fun. I have really enjoyed meeting the other VM's. We have an interesting blend of people, everything from youth workers to environmental scientists. They are a mix of great characters from all walks of life and professions. Getting the chemistry right, I think is what Raleigh does best. They break down barriers so that everyone works as a team and pull together in the right direction. In the last few days I have enjoyed the trek the most. It required some endurance, as the terrain was a challenge. There was lots to see and it was great taking in the countryside of Morogoro, which is stunning. It was great going out as a team and planning how to get from A to B meeting many friendly faces on route." Thanks Ollie! Yesterday the VM's where spit into their allocated groups. Let me introduce you to them. They are…   Echo 1, they're too much fun, consisting of Jack, Mel and Fotis.  IMG 5022   IMG 5030   Echo 2, consisting of Paul, Tabi and Ollie. They refer to themselves as a rose between two thorns!!! IMG 5052

Echo 3, consisting of Mel and Sarah, aka the dynamic duo!  

  IMG 5064

IMG 5013

And finally this is the whole team together. You will be meeting them more in the next blog. Tonight each team are packing ready to head off across the country to visit where each project will be based. They will then be ready to report to fieldbase in a couple of days, when I hope to update you on the next blog. I should really start packing my backpack. Take care and see you next time.