Charlie 1 – Community Life

21st July 2013

C1 social map

This week Charlie 1 has been settling into camp life in Chipanga. 

At the beginning of the week we met the Village executive officer, who calls himself FBI and the chairman who gave us a tour of Chipanga village.  Here we met many smiling members of the community, who were all very friendly towards us. 


We learned that here, like the rest of Tanzania, it is very important to greet everybody we meet, and the international volunteers had to quickly brush up on their Swahili. 

C1 social map


We learned that ‘shikamoo’ is the greeting for elders, and ‘mambo’ is the greeting for people of a similar age, and we also learned that hand shaking can last a very long time!  Thank you to Esther for her Swahili lessons! 

We have been shopping for our food every day in the village and no shopping trip is complete here without visiting several different shops and speaking to several different families as you walk through.  We all soon realised that prices for chickens were raised for a ‘muzungu’ and the international volunteers learned to kill chickens so we could eat them for dinner. 

We’ve met many members of the community at the health centre when we have been fetching our water every day and we’ve met many of the children, who seem to have adopted our camp site as their new playground.  Our progress with our water and sanitation project this week has included having a briefing from our project partners MAMADO.  We have also been working hard helping the community lay their water pipes. 

C1 pipes


Also, happy birthday to Sidney for 6th July!