Charlie-11 Community Action Day

6th April 2015


C11B1introThis week has been another busy one here in Laxmipura Hadi. It started off with our successful Community Action Day on Sunday. We gathered as many people as we could and started to dig burning pits for all of the villagers to burn their rubbish. The children got involved in doing a big litter pick across the village. We collected and burnt over 26 bags of rubbish – a successful day’s work.


On Monday we held a very positive session at Boudi school with the 10th Standard children (15+). We taught them about building Tippy Taps and they also made and tried some ORS. We also taught the children in Chowti school how to build a tippy tap and also built a permanent one in our local kindergarten. We also bonded more with the village youth group and the boys played a competitive game of volleyball. The youth group now has 21 members and in the coming weeks we will register name with a bank account and they will become a certified group. We also are making progress with the SHG and have planned regular meetings and demonstrated the tippy tap with them and they all seem to be excited about having their own.

On Wednesday a lorry turned out to be a borehole digger that had come to put in a new water pump to help solve the issues here. Our discussions with the local government have had such a positive impact on the village already so we are all excited for what is yet to come.

The whole team along with nearly 30 villagers walked 5km to Malangi to visit the Gram Panchayat’s office. It was a successful trip as we negotiated the toilet scheme and the plan is to start building 34 toilets – one for each house in the village!

We spent the morning planning for our upcoming community action. We built and demonstrated a tippy tap and a lot of them seemed interested in having one of their own! We also did an awareness raising session in the village kindergarten which went well and even the younger children are starting to understand the importance of hand hygiene. We then had a village meeting that was attended by over 50 people which was great to see. They all seem really excited to get involved in helping to build toilets and are keen to help clean up the village at our Community Actions Days.

The team split into two groups and began the mammoth task of digging the leech pits for the toilets. Some of the team went around the village and started constructing tippy taps – We built 6 in one morning which was really excellent.