Charlie 11 feeling part of Laxmipura Hadi

28th February 2015


Namaskara from India Charlie 11! We are very excited to be posting to you from Laxmipura Hadi, a village belonging to the ancient tribe of Jenu Kuruba or “the honey gatherers”.  We have already tried the best fresh honey we have ever eaten. Our first week has been very busy, interesting and exciting. From the offset we were welcomed with flowers, hospitality and smiles, and helped us finish preparing our accommodation.  We had our first Village Meeting that very night with 40 villagers, all gathered around a bonfire on mats, which was the most exciting start that we could wish for!

We have had a great week in terms of integration.  Around eighty members of the village and children from three local schools came to take part in Sports Day, which was a vibrant activity filled with fun, and brought us all together. The activities were a mix well known games, such as cricket, volleyball, football, hopscotch, limbo, egg and spoon. We also included traditional local games like Kabaddi and Kho-Kho, which were great fun. 


During this first week we held our first awareness raising session, which took place in Laxmipura Primary School, with 5 girls and 9 boys. Here, we introduced the children to the 7 Steps of Hand washing, using coloured powder to symbolise germs, and fun activities to help them adopt the practice. By the end of the lesson, which involved hand washing races, games, and even a dance, they were able to tell us the importance of hand washing (and even after the event some children from the village were coming up to us and showing us the steps, which was fantastic to see!). Everyone was very quick to learn the steps, and showed great interest, which we cannot wait to build on.


During the festival called Shivarathra, in which the Hindu God Shiva’s marriage is celebrated all night long, the female members of the team were dressed in saris by the local women and the team were invited along to the celebrations.

We are all very happy with the brilliant relationship we already have with the village, and cannot wait to help it to continue to grow.