Charlie 12 – It’s already half way through

6th April 2015

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Charlie 12 - It’s already half way through!!! 



It has been a very exciting week for Charlie 12 in Boranakatte, there has been a lot to celebrate and we feel like a lot of progress has been made with regards to our project and community involvement.  The next day was an early start, with a busy day ahead of us we started to round up the villagers for the community clean up. Initially this felt unsuccessful with only three children getting involved, known to us the word spread and when we looked up all the women and children began to help on the own accord. It was surprising and uplifting to see them motivate themselves to help us and clean their village.


The next day we planned a toilet party to make the village people enthusiastic about the promised toilets from the Gram Panchayat. We gathered people with another march where we chanted a catchy slogan in Kannada about using a toilet and not open defecating. This attracted all of the children and we began a toilet related scavenger hunt, followed by more games where we tested their knowledge of the benefits of them having toilets. We were impressed by how much information they had remembered from our awareness raising sessions. The party ended with dancing and we were pleasantly surprised to hear the children repeating the catchy chant from the march earlier in the day.ic12 pic1

We have had a lot of highs this week and have felt that it has been very productive with regards to how receptive the villagers have been to our various events. Another example of their positive response to the project has been how proactive they were with digging their drainage pits for the toilets they will receive from the Gram Panchayat. We thought motivating them to do this would have been challenging but to our surprise they were enthusiastic enough to complete it themselves. This is hopefully the result of our effective awareness raising and dedication to the project.ic12 pic2

The team is so happy to be ending phase one on such a positive note and we look forward to facing new challenges in phase two!