Charlie 2 – Cultural Integration

7th November 2013

IMG 7845

Although we have only been on project for two weeks we feel that we have only just scratched the surface of the rich and varied culture of this community.  Chamwino Ikulu has its own local language, Kigogo, which came as a surprise to all of us.  Everyone has risen to the challenge and we are learning together.


IMG 7845

We have been lucky enough to be taught traditional dance by the secondary school students and were invited to the form four graduation, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.   We also were lucky enough to be taught how to make mandazis by the local teachers at the primary school.  They really are delicious!  As well as all this we have gained a fascinating insight into the daily lives of the community through awareness raising at the local schools and household surveys.

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Something that has inspired us all is the amount of knowledge we are gaining about each other’s cultural backgrounds.  After living together for a couple of weeks the Tanzanian volunteers have realised that the UK volunteers place a lot of importance on punctuality and time efficiency.  The Tanzanians also think they are confident and passionate in expressing their opinions and very honest.  The UK volunteers find the Tanzanians very interesting and have been especially intrigued by their tribal backgrounds.  The main tribe that Charlie 2’s Tanzanians belong to is the Masai tribe, but we also have volunteers from the Mnyasa, Kuria, Chaga and Nyakyusa tribes.

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The quality that has really stood out to the UK volunteers has been the Tanzanians laid back but extremely hard working attitude.  The UK volunteers especially love the fact that they are such affectionate and communal people, and everyone agrees that working together has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.

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We can’t wait to fully embrace the culture of Chamwino Ikulu and integrate further into the amazing community we are living with.