Charlie 2 – Global Citizenship

22nd November 2013

C2 C Q7 12

After several successful community events, youth group sessions and rocket stove demonstrations Charlie 2 have both on their own and as a team come to understand the importance of being active global citizens.

Whilst fundraising for Raleigh International volunteers heard the phrase “help starts at home” frequently mentioned. It is not until you are on the other side of the world that you see the bigger picture of first world issues and realise that it is everyone’s duty to make a positive global change.


C2 C Q7 12

Charlie 2 had a busy yet educational and informative mid-term review in Singida. The past week they have been brainstorming ideas on what they would like to base their action at home on and how they would like to execute such ideas.

A handful of the group discussed how they would like to give a presentation to local schools and religious groups back at home about the issues faced in Chamwino Ikulu, along with giving information about what the group had been doing.  The hope is that this will inspire people to become active global citizens making a progressive positive change to the rest of the world.

C2 C Q7 16

An issue very visible to the eye in Chamwino Ikulu is the vast amount of litter seen whist walking through the town. People in Chamwino do not have waste removal or recycling facilities which in turn leads to people throwing empty plastic bottles and other rubbish onto the ground. After seeing first-hand how this issue has a direct impact on the surroundings and local environment we have all become more willing to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount we litter and try to recycle more at home.

We realised the positive changes that 13W have been making when all the Charlie groups met over the mid-term review week. Each Charlie group talked in depth about the construction of water facilities and the awareness raising they had carried out in their local villages.

C2 PE Q7 8

Dance session with youth group in Chamwino Ikulu

C2 PE Q7 9

Charlie 2 has experienced the issues faced by the community first hand. We have experienced a lack of water, hygiene, sanitation and waste disposal and have realised just how hard it is to live without these things. Actually living through this and learning about different parts of the world has made us global citizens. You can watch something on TV, read something in a newspaper and feel an emotion, but until you actually live it you cannot take ownership and understand the true meaning. This experience has made us realise how important it is to take responsibility for the fact that we all live on this planet and we all have a right to food, water, shelter and basic hygiene and sanitation.