Charlie 2 – MDGs on the Ground

25th February 2014

After creating a makeshift shower, with picturesque view, and getting used to using a drop toilet we thought it was important to integrate ourselves within the local community. We attended one of the local church services on Sunday where we met women who were part of a women’s group and found out about a youth group in the village. We have all explored the village centre and introduced ourselves at a village meeting this week which opened up more opportunities to meet members of the community.

At these events we saw the necessity of the Millennium Development Goals and how the work we do with the community here can help to move towards meeting some of the aims. Currently the local school receives external funding to help provide school meals for the local children however, this programme is scheduled to come to an end shortly. The eradication of poverty and hunger is one of the Millennium Development Goals we are really interested in looking in to during our stay in Nkome.  Another MDG we were reminded of was gender equality. At the village meeting on Monday, men made up the majority of the attendees and were the most vocal in expressing their opinions. We’re really interested in exploring the different roles men and women take here.

During our short stay in Nkome, we have already noticed many positive signs of Millennium Development goals at work; on our tour of the village we visited the medical centre, where we noticed posters promoting family planning and maternal health. Our camp is situated directly next to a primary school, showing that primary education is accessible here.

We are slowly getting used to the heat and are excited to start the ball rolling on our project. This coming week we have meetings arranged with the local women’s group, youth group and church group and will be working alongside MAMADO to help local artisans to start constructing the first demonstration latrines in the village.