Charlie 3 – Cultural Integration

7th November 2013

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Charlie 3 has finished filling in the foundations for the primary school sanitation block and have also been watering the bricks that will be used to complete the construction.  This helps to harden the bricks and prevent them from breaking.  The walls for the sanitation block have now started to be built and we can see visible signs of progress. 

We have been working on cultural integration in several ways.  We visit the market on a daily basis which gives us an opportunity to meet and socialise with members of the local community.  There are also children around the camp most afternoons that we play games with, giving us an opportunity to learn more Swahili words and to help them with their English.  This has been really helpful for building relationships with the people in the village and we are often greeted by name by the children.  We do our best to remember their names too!  We are also in the process of arranging weekly football matches with some of the local boys and have been challenged by village members in intense games of pool. 

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We have started our action research by interviewing village households with a questionnaire we have designed in both Swahili and English.  Every household has welcomed us and been happy to answer our questions.  This is helped by us having the village leaders’ approval to visit them. 

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Completing our surveys as part of our action research has allowed us to really explore Mgongo village and meet many families who are situated outside the central area.  It has been a fascinating experience for all members of our team and we have collected a huge amount of valuable information.  We hope that it will help us in our mission to learn and develop.

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