Charlie 3: Installing taps! / Instalando las llaves!

21st August 2013

This week Charlie 3 have had changeover! It was lovely to see the other Charlies again. We visited Achuapa where we attended their annual music festival of international and popular music. It was wonderful to immerse ourselves into Nicaraguan culture and appreciate it along with the other Charlies and the communities of Achuapa. This year the theme of the festival was climate change and therefore there were fantastic performances from both the community and Charlies One and Two. All of them were engaging and informative on the effects and causes of climate change.

Esta semana Charlie 3 (y todos los otros Charlies) tuvimos cambio de fase. Fue encantador ver y reunirnos con los otros Charlies. Visitamos Achuapa al festival anual de música popular. Fue una experiencia bonita ya que pudimos compartir la cultura nicaragüense. El tema del festival fue cambio climático y hubo geniales presentaciones de la comunidad y de todos los que participaron.  Todos fueron interesantes, informativos sobre los efectos y causas del cambio climático.



So far this week there has been a lot of digging! We also have a lot of reports and tasks to complete this phase which we are having to organise in  order to finish them all in out last few weeks. We only have a few more houses left to dig to and then we only need to put in the pipes and fill in the trenches over them! So still a fair bit of work to do but we are reaching the end of our long love affair with digging! Further progress has begun with the installation of the taps at the nearer houses. So far eight taps have been put in place and are ready to receive clean drinking water. This is really exciting as it’s a sign we are reaching the end of our project and is something tangible to show this.

For the rest of the week we have more digging to do, of course. We have meetings with the environmental youth group and FECSA tomorrow and crucial meetings with the CAPS and women´s group later on in the week. We also have to start on our reports and surveys as we have many to do and only one laptop between us! Wish us luck in our final phase!

Love Laura and Luis.

 13T C3 Week 7 Blog photo 3 - sophie tap2

13T C3 Week 7 Blog photo 4 - lucy tap

13T C3 Week 7 Blog photo 5 tap

Hasta ahora en esta semana hemos cavado mucho y tenemos muchos informes y tareas que cumplir en esta fase.  Tenemos que organizar todo para así terminar los que nos falta en estas últimas semanas. Solo nos falta cavar en algunas casas para poner los tubos. Tenemos todavía mucho que hacer pero emocionados de seguir adelante con nuestro trabajo. Ya casi estamos al final. Hemos puestos ya algunas llaves para las casas en donde ya pronto tendran agua. Es emocionante para el proyecto y tangible para mostrar. En el resto de la semana tenemos más reuniones del grupo ambientalista, FECSA y reuniones importantes con los CAPS y grupo de mujeres. También empezaremos informes y encuestas. Tenemos mucho que hacer  y solo una computadora para todo el grupo! Deséennos mucha suerte en este final de nuestra fase!

Con mucho amor,

Laura y Luis