Charlie 3 – MDGs on the ground

26th February 2014

Charlie 3 school

We are Charlie 3, and are based in Mgongo. We are really enjoying our time here so far, and the community have been really welcoming.

Being in Mgongo has shown us how apparent the MDG goals are on the ground, and how they form the work we are doing as part of Raleigh Tanzania ICS.

Throughout phase one we will be focussing on targets set with the Millennium Development Goal ‘Environmental Sustainability’, and have already collaborated with the local community working on the construction of a water distribution system which will bring water directly to the village.

Other big parts of our project are going to be the action research and awareness raising. The action research will inform our work whilst we are in Mgongo. We hope our awareness raising will further strengthen the community and help contribute towards another of the MDGs, ‘Universal Primary Education’, largely through the children spending less time collecting water and more time in the classroom.

Charlie 3 school

We know our work in Mgongo will promote sustainable development and spread the message of active global citizenship.