Charlie 4 – Highlights, challenges and moving forward

18th March 2014

C4 CON4 2

Mambo! So we have reached the half-way point and have spent four weeks in our new home that is Igusule. We have all definitely experienced both highs and lows living in camp, but in true family form, Charlie 4 are looking forward to catching up with the other Charlie teams, exchanging ideas and experiences before continuing our journey into Phase 2.

Highlights in Charlie 4 camp would have to include friendships formed, not only between volunteers and team leaders but also with members of the Igusule community. As we are next to the primary school a chorus of cheery ‘mambos!’ greet us every morning, and although the UK volunteers are still struggling slightly with Swahili, we have got to grips with the basic greetings and ‘how do you do’. Bakari, a teacher at the primary school who we have all befriended, invited us around for dinner where we shared a delicious meal with his family.

The near completion of both latrines is extremely exciting, helping the fundi daily; laying bricks and mixing cement, we are now just waiting to fit both roofs. We have completed a research project surveying households and interviewing families on water, health and hygiene in their homes, with interesting results.  

C4 CON4 2

Awareness raising has been enjoyable, carrying out role plays and fun activities with the children. This has led to discussions with teachers who are happy to work with us and to continue to promote SWASH in future lesson plans enabling us to leave resources behind to help our work become sustainable. With continued awareness raising of water, health and sanitation, we are hoping to spread the word further afield, working with a greater number of people. Moving forward we hope to continue working with the primary school children using our artistic skills to create promotional resources we can leave behind. This is all very exciting and we are all looking forward to continuing our life in Igusule.


C4 RD4

Although we have experienced many highlights there have been numerous challenges we have had to face. Our camp was hit by a huge storm, upturning the girls and logs tent. The wind was immense, and the rain was heavy with constant thunder and lightning. After all of us sharing one tent for the night, we woke up to the destruction. All of the girls’ belongings were drenched and wrapped up in the flattened tent. However, as Charlie 4 we all got together for a bit of team work, rebuilding camp and thanks to some sun, managed to dry the tent and belongings. We’ve also had a few close encounters with Tanzanian wildlife, but with our own security (a couple of volunteers) we have never experienced too bad a situation. Another challenge we’ve all had to face is the dreaded long drop. In the first week we had dug four, perfecting the dig and build each time. However, seeing this as a ridiculous waste of time, with the help of the fundi, we have built an everlasting, well structured, slightly more comfortable toilet/pit!