Charlie 4 – MDGs on the ground

27th February 2014

charlie 4 landscape

Since arriving in Igusule we have set up camp and started to explore the village. It is very small and rural and we have completed a village map to help us with our action research. We have been welcomed warmly by all community members and we are really enjoying living here.

On Monday we had a meeting with the village leaders where we discussed our plans to work with our project partner, HAPA, to help the community build latrines. We will also be promoting sanitation and hygiene through our awareness raising campaign, with the aim of decreasing the spread of disease amongst children in the village and reducing child mortality, one of the MDGs. Throughout our stay, we aim to spread awareness about sanitation and hygiene to the many parts of the community, hoping that this will lead to more people able to work on farms and working towards the MDG aimed at eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. We will be working closely with the community throughout our whole project and have already begun to learn about how things work here and have been involving the village leaders and other influential people with our activities.

charlie 4 landscape

In the village, 470 attend the government funded primary school, which is most of the children in the village. However, only 200 attend the secondary school. We hope that our awareness raising campaigns in Igusule will enable more children to attend. There is a water pump close to the school, allowing people to access a sustainable source of water and enabling children to spend less time finding water and more time in school. We are enjoying working together with HAPA, sharing our enthusiasm and learning about each other. As well as the construction of the latrines, we have also completed a preliminary survey in the secondary school and are going to start some sanitation and hygiene classes in the schools very soon.

charlie 4 survey