Charlie 5 – MDGs on the ground

28th October 2013

Greetings from Charlie 5! We’ve now arrived at Magukula and have swiftly set up our camp. Over the next ten weeks we’ll be looking at how we can help to reach the Millennium Development Goals. With our project only at the early stages, the team has already identified several potential areas for our action research and helping with the MDGs.




After receiving a tremendous reception from the community we set about locating our water source, and in doing so were twice directed (once by school children) to a murky unclean pool of water. With a clean, hygienic water pump only a short distance further away, we hope to influence the community to use this as their source of water and help to reduce child mortality, thus working towards one of the MDGs.



With our camp located on the grounds of a primary school there is excellent potential to target the goal of universal primary education for all. With our action research we intend to investigate how many children are attending school and how many remain out of education. The head teacher has kindly offered us the opportunity to teach a class and this, combined with our action research, will aim to educate the children on issues related to the Millennium Development Goals.


A fundamental aspect to our camp set up has been to ensure that we produce no waste and ensure water use is kept to a minimum. We’ve already sourced products from the local community, ensuring that we remain sustainable ourselves, and also work towards the goal of environmental sustainability as a whole. With only a few days at our camp we are delighted at how we have been welcomed by the community and hope we can help them to work towards the Millennium Development Goals.