Charlie 5’s Secondary Project

9th April 2014

Charlie 5 a

As Charlie 5, we decided that our secondary project would be an extension of our primary project. This involved painting murals, continuing with the woman’s group, creating posters and banners, a household awareness campaign and our environmental club. We decided on this due to the success of our primary project and based on the sheer size of our village we felt that this would be the most sustainable element of our project.

As we are the first Raleigh group to Khusumay, we felt that it was vital to leave sustainable reminders. Therefore the murals have been a huge part of our secondary project and we are very lucky in that we have had huge scope for where we can paint.

Charlie 5 a

Our murals have re-iterated the messages of our awareness raising campaign. These are:

  • Separate animals from the home
  • Collect water from a safe source
  • Filter and boil your water
  • Use a Tippy Tap for hand washing 

As these are the first murals here they have been extremely well received with villagers requesting more murals.

Charlie 5 b

The murals we have completed are in vital locations here; for instance on the water pump, schools, and in the center of the village. As a result our messages will be widely seen and a continuous reminder of our awareness raising campaign.

Gender issues are an important focus for us here, and we have worked continuously with the woman’s group. Gender equality is a slow process and we are aware that any progress in this area will be gradual. For one of our murals, in the center of the village, we decided to dedicate it to the woman of Khusumay. Women are the primary water collectors in the home and we hope that by creating a visual appreciation of their efforts, we can continue to empower woman and add to this gradual change.

Charlie 5 c

Our action research demonstrated to us the need for a household campaign. The reality we found was that the vast majority of the village did not attend any meetings or peer groups. For example we came across a mother who has not left her home in 40 years. The solution was clear, that in order to reach the most vulnerable we needed to visit the villagers at their homes. Khusumay is made up of four sub-villages, each village would provide us with a guide and thus far we have visited over 60 houses. On some occasions we have covered over 20 kilometers in order to visit five houses.

Charlie 5 d

Lastly we invested in banners, posters and leaflets. We found that they were an effective and sustainable resource for the community.

Sustainability is the key for Charlie 5 in Khusumay. After working here we have realised that we didn’t come here to finish a campaign, but rather just to start one.