Charlie 5 – Water and sanitation

9th March 2014

water collection 3

We investigated the different water sources that are available in Khusumay and found a variety such as water pumps, taps and rivers.  Whilst doing the household surveys when we saw quite a few tippy taps but they didn’t appear to be in use.  Some of the people didn’t know how to use them or how they could prevent different diseases like diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid.  During our household surveys we met a man whose wife is suffering from typhoid, but he didn’t know how the disease was caused.  We taught him how to use clean water by boiling it before drinking. 

We found it surprising to see people walking 3km to find water.  We tried to go to the water pump to collect water to experience how hard it is.  It took us almost 2 hours to carry 2 jerry cans (approx. 50 litres) between 6 people.

water collection 3

This week we did some awareness raising in the form of a drama about water and sanitation in different schools in the area.  We created a superhero ‘BWANASAFI’ who appeared in the dramas to maintain the children’s attention. 

We have begun our construction in the village which involves digging trenches and laying down of pipes for a water distribution system.   

DMDD has been working in the village for some time and has done a substantial amount of work promoting water and sanitation.  We are hoping to build on this with our awareness raising campaigns.  One of the things we have been doing as a team is using a tap which is close to the camp to wash our hands so we can lead by example and the local people will see the tap being used for hand washing. 

water collect puddle

Whilst living in camp we use purification tablets to ensure the water we are consuming is clean.  The team initially found this weird because in the UK the water that comes from the tap is safe to drink, with no purification intervention necessary, whilst the Tanzanians boil the water every day in their homes to make it safe to consume.

This week we attended a village meeting where we did some awareness raising about water and sanitation.  We also read them a poem written by members of Charlie 5 called ‘UBAFI NI BORA’ (Cleanliness is something good).  Already since the meeting we have met some people who have said they have changed the way purify their water as a result of our awareness raising.

khusumay family